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Since 1975 CINAL, Constructora Inmobiliaria Nacional, has been building projects on La Paz city, incorporating innovative designs and high quality standards on our more than 33 constructions. With thousands of customers satisfied, we generated work for Bolivian people and promoted national materials. Our commitment with people and our projects, has been recognized by National and International Awards like The Bolivian Government and International Organizations, making us the leader on La Paz and Bolivia Real State Market.

CINAL is very proud of having buldings like Orion, San Pablo, Escorial, Horizonte, Molino and Oasis del Sur, which among other projects have made great progress on La Paz city, thanks to the confidence of Bolivian clients and customers from all around the world, it has been a pleasure for us to enable international procedures, so all customers be able to view the advances of the construction on live camera, as if they were in La Paz.

If you are planning to come to La Paz, for working or living please fill the following contact form so we help you get what best suits your needings.

Thank you for your interest, please do not hesitate on letting us know any other requirement you may have,


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